Trading competition, Šaltinių per metus

On 2 December the authority found that Trading competition energija and Bionovus made a long-term exclusive biofuel purchasing agreement under which Vilniaus energija committed to purchase biofuel from its sole supplier Bionovus.

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Since both firms had significant market power, Konkurencijos taryba had decided that the anti-competitive agreement had negative effects on competition, as well as consumers, and infringed the Law on Competition.

The decision of Konkurencijos taryba was annulled by the Supreme Administrative Court of Lithuania, which returned the case back to the authority for an additional investigation.

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The Court had ruled that the authority's definition of the market, which is a means of assessing a restriction of competition, was not appropriate. Having renewed the investigation, Konkurencijos taryba carried out an additional analysis of the data that it had previously collected and concluded that the information available to it did not constitute grounds for defining the market in a different way than it was done in

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