Prekybos strategija strategija. Paprasta savaitės prekybos strategija. Kas tai yra prekybos strategija?

Below is some information about each strategy and its key characteristics.

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Day Trading Key Characteristic: Multiple small-size trades held for a short time frame. It is a form of trading that requires the ability to respond quickly to fluctuations and subsequent trading opportunities that may arise in the market. Due to the volatile nature of financial markets and the rapid price changes that are possible, day trading can have the potential to be very profitable, but also very unprofitable.

Position Trading Key Characteristic: A single or few large-size trades held for a relatively long time frame.

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Position trading is a medium-term holding strategy where traders keep positions open for longer periods of time such as days, weeks or even months. This strategy typically relies heavily on fundamental analysis, which is a method of measuring the value of a financial instrument by examining freely-available macroeconomic data e.

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To see when major economic events take place, you can use our Economic Calendar. A position trader may wait until a stock, such as Netflixreaches a specific support level before taking a long position, or a prekybos strategija strategija resistance level before taking a short position - and holding it for a few weeks.

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There is presumably less immediacy associated with this type of trading, as traders are not necessarily concerned with intraday prices and generally open a small number of positions. However, traders need to have a firm grasp of market fundamentals given the reliance on fundamental analysis.

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Swing Trading Key Characteristic: A single trade aimed at catching a trend and which is held for a longer time frame. In swing trading, a trader typically uses technical analysis to look for certain patterns upward or downward trends in the market.

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Technical analysis involves the usage of indicators, such prekybos strategija strategija chart tools, to analyse past performance in order to determine the direction of price movements. The core idea of swing trading is to spot a market trend and try to time the entry into a position in order to catch and ride the wave before it crashes. A rising wave represents an upward swing and a falling wave represents a downward swing.

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